June 8, 2019

We just renewed our lease to stay in Seattle for one more year.

We realized that we have not done much adventuring this first year together. However, we made a goal this year to do some adventuring and “discover” Seattle while we are here. We do not plan to make this our permanent home forever, and we might leave in a year. We just know that we want to enjoy what Seattle has to offer.

Today’s adventure was a trip to Magnuson Park. Magnuson Park is a 350-acre park on Sand Point, Lake Washington. We visit here quite frequently as they have an off-leash dog area that is absolutely huge. We enjoy bringing our dog Daisy here, but she doesn’t like it as much as we do.

She absolutely does not like other dogs as she has to be the center of attention. She is the center of our attention for sure.

The most exciting part about today’s trip is that we veered off of the off-leash dog area and took a stroll down another path that we have never been before. The water is so clean and clear it was incredible. However, it was very cold to touch. It was definitely not like the warm Hawai’i beaches I am used to.

During our lovely stroll down this path I saw a racoon for the first time. It was as beautiful as I expected a racoon to be. They were sitting up just looking around, and I was able to take in their soft grey body and little black eyes. Then, it caught sight of me and ran away! This is when I got to see their beautiful black and grey striped tail. It was everything I have ever imagined a raccoon to look like.

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