June 14, 2019


June 14th was our first full day spent in California!

We were told that it was supposed to be a hot weekend where the temperatures were supposed to be in the 90s. However, it was surprisingly in the low to mid 70s weekend. We packed for a hot weekend and we ended up freezing our butts off!

We went to Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park on Friday June 14th. This park is located in the Santa Cruz Mountains and is most famous for their giant old redwood trees. This park is huge! There are many different trails you can take with your dogs, your horse, or if you want to ride your bike through it. 

These three pictures are from the state park. One of the highlights (not pictured) were the tiny squirrels scurrying around the park in the trees and in the pathways. There were many beautiful birds singing in the trees as well which made this experience extremely calming. 

I did not know we were going to be doing quite a bit of walking which is why I am in slippers. I definitely recommend wearing shoes while walking around this state park. I also recommend some sunscreen. Even though you are under trees, the sunlight hits you more than you expect. 

After the amazing state park we took a drive into the strip of Santa Cruz. This was my first time being there and it was exactly as I imagined a California beach town to look like. As we were walking near the beach you can smell the fresh water and hear the people chatting as they waited their turn to catch a wave. There wasn’t much waves this day but many people were out there patiently waiting their turn. The buildings in Santa Cruz were short and retro looking, as if they have been there for a while.

As my feet touched the water, it was shockingly cold. I am definitely not used to that kind of water as in Hawai’i our waters are quite warm. 

This was a fun day full of walking and doing quite a bit of exercising which helped me feel less guilty about the enormous amounts of carbohydrates and beer I consumed. I recommend going to the Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, and I will definitely be going again if I am ever in Santa Cruz again.

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