Weekly Spread June 17-23

Super simple weekly spread for this week!

We have guests coming to visit us on the 19th, and we are going on vacation this weekend! I need something simple to track my work, school work, my money, and my to-do lists.

On the top left corner there is a debt column and a real column. Every week I like to see where my money is at and what my actual numbers are. This helps me understand what I need to do in order to get back on track or sustain this course.

Under my school column I will write all the school work that I need to get done for this week. I like to physically cross things off when I am done. This helps me stay on top of how much homework I have done and how much I need to get done.

Under my to-do column I write anything and everything that I have to get done that week that doesn’t include school work and my actual job.

On the right page I have each page broken down by row. In each row I will write down what time I work, and mini to-do lists in each day. Some times I will break up the big to-do list on the left page into daily to-dos. Or I will add more things to-do on the right page. For example I plan in working out on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. So I will write that in on the right page.

This is a type of spread I normally do when I have a busy week ahead of me and I am going on a trip somewhere.

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