Weekly Spread June 24-30 2019

Hello! Welcome to another weekly spread week! I’m enjoying sharing my weekly spreads so I will continue to!

I also share them on my new planning Instagram @haunani.plans!

This weeks weekly spread is all about the Dutch door. I personally love Dutch door spreads as I can see my work schedule on one end(left) and I also have room to write more of a detailed to-do list on my daily’s.

On my first page I like to break my weeks up into 3 categories, money, school work, and a giant to-do list of what I need to accomplish this week. These are my three main focuses as I am in my last year of undergrad, as well as trying to get my finances right!

Then on the daily’s, I become more specific. I write specific to-do lists of things I need to accomplish that day.

I also love having the space to just jot down things I need to remember or random thoughts that I am having. I love that it’s not structured and there’s ample space.

That’s it for this weeks spread! I am excited to begin setting up my July spread!

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