Pride of the Sound

On Saturday June 29th, we went to the Sounders vs Whitecaps soccer game.

What was extra special about this game was that it was during pride month and pride weekend! On Sunday June 30th is the pride parade in Seattle. So tonight’s soccer game celebrated pride by holding up banners, and the jersey on the soccer players jersey was in that famous rainbow colors.

Both teams had special jerseys for this event which made it extra fun.

This game was very anticlimactic as it went the entire 90 minute game with a 0-0 score. They then did extra time where the Sounders finally scored a point.

The score was then 1-0 and the game was over. Kelvin Leerdam’s goal ended a 3 game losing streak for the Sounders. The stats of the game were 24 shots, 1 goal, 8 of those shots were on target.

Sporting events are always exciting and fun to attend because the energy is extremely high and everyone there is just trying to have a good time. No matter what side you’re rooting for, it’s all fun!

This is one of the best parts of living in Seattle. The professional sports! There are no professional sports in Hawai’i so it is nice to have the opportunity to attend these games.

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