One Year Recap

I was debating on doing this publically or not, but I decided why not! So now, here is a month to month experience of my first year living in Seattle, Washington.

June 2018

We had 2 weeks to pack our lives up and move from Hawai’i to Seattle. We did a red eye and arrived at 7am on Friday, June 1st 2018. Wilson started his new job on Monday, June 4th, and we only had an AirBnB for that weekend. We found a place in North Seattle that was decent and we settled in on June 3rd.

I was a mess in the month of June. I just uprooted my entire life and moved in with my boyfriend. My mental state was out of control. Luckily, my family came to visit me to help me adjust to living on my own and they gave me the emotional support I needed while they were here. I started working again in the middle of June which helped give me a sense of purpose but once my family left, I was stressed all over again.

July 2018

I gained about 15 pounds during the months June and July and it was not fun. I did however rekindle with old friends I haven’t seen in a long time. Coincidentally we all live in Washington now which is fun. I started working out more, trying to make new friends but failing exceptionally. My relationship started to stabilize as I began to get used to living on my own with my boyfriend.

August 2018

In August I transfered jobs so I could be closer to home. I worked a lot during this month. We attended a Sounders game, which was always a good time. We then walked through downtown through a riot which was a total different experience for me.

September 2018

I had to go home the first week of this month because something happened to a family member of mine. It was heartbreaking but it was also nice to be home. During this trip home I remembered that I am here (in Seattle, Washington), to better myself, to grow up, and to find who I am. Home will always be home, but right now I need to grow. Coming back from that trip shifted something in which then motivated me. Later on that month, my friend from Hawai’i came up and we did lots of touristy things together which was fun. We saw the needle, explored around downtown, and just had an overall good time. The last week of September I then went to Vancouver, B.C. for the third time. This is one of my favorite places and I will always enjoy going to Vancouver.

October 2018

This month we celebrated three years being together and our first time living on our own! He surprised me by taking me to a pumpkin patch and we carved pumpkins together. Later on that month I had one friend visit, and then another! I had a lucky past couple of months as friends were coming up to visit me and I was also going on trips. I went roller skating for the first time ever and I am completely awful at it.

November 2018

The past couple of months were really fun but I didn’t lose any of the weight I gained. So this month, I focused on exercising more and trying to get into the swing of fitness. It was tough because I also made a friend who loves to drink. I also love to consume alcoholic beverages so I was putting on what I was losing. Nevertheless, it was still a fun month.

December 2018

The sun rises very late and also sets very early. It also gets cold in Seattle. Very, very cold. I however, went to Hawai’i in the middle of December and stayed there through Christmas! This was nice to be back home. This time Wilson came with me which was nice to have him there with me. It was interesting that we were both home but our circumstances changed and now we were just visiting.

January 2019

Daisy’s hair grew very long and shaggy. We kept it like that throughout the winter season. I read and watched a lot of Netflix in January. I also exercised almost everyday and I did not drink alcohol for most of the month. January always feels like a fresh start and that is exactly what I needed for 2019. A fresh start to get my health on track now that my mental state mellowed out.

February 2019

I met up with a friend and her sister who lives in southern Washington! We went to a reggae concert that featured a band from Hawai’i. It felt so good to be in a setting like that because my favorite concerts are reggae concerts. Then on February 3rd, it snowed. This was my first snowfall ever. It snowed throughout the weekend, through Wilson’s birthday, all the way through the middle of February. On February 5th we celebrated Wilson’s 25th birthday in Portland! That was the first time we have ever been and it was exciting and fun! We attended a Trail Blazers game and that was my first NBA experience. Overall it was a good trip. On February 15th, Wilson had his ACL surgery. It was so hard to see him in that type of pain and he had to rely on me to get up and to sit down which was hard on both of us. In the end, it definitely made us both stronger as a couple.

March 2019

This is the month I lost weight. I lost 5 pounds from diet and exercise, and another 5 pounds from depression. I believe the weather had a lot to contribute to my weight loss. It was not the way I wanted to lose 10 pounds at all, but it happened (I gained that 5 pounds back though). March was a lot of taking Wilson to his doctor’s appointments to make sure that everything went well and he was healing on track. At the end of this month there was a shooting down the street from where I lived. I was shocked and upset. I only have ever heard of stories like this, and the fact that it was a random shooting down the street I lived on really upset me.

April 2019

I had a friend visit me for a day as she had a 9 hour layover in Seattle. It was so nice to see her and just to see a familiar face. I began drinking a lot this month again and I kind of fell into a depression again. When people say that it is gray in Seattle… they mean it. It felt like 5 months of straight clouds and no sunshine.

May 2019

I needed a refresher so I went home for a week in the beginning of May. I realize that I have been home 3 times since moving to Seattle but going home just helps me refocus and remember why I am doing what I am doing. I spent a lot of time with my siblings which was awesome and I love my family. At the end of May we went to Portland again.

This year has made my relationship with Wilson stronger than ever, and it made my friendships either fall apart, or become stronger. People say that the older you get, you know who your true friends are and that is absolutely true. I have gained so much knowledge through my one year being here and I couldn’t be happier.

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