Weekly Spread July 1-7 2019

Welcome July!

In Seattle it is still gray and rainy. On occasion it will reach the high 70’s and it will be so hot in my apartment is pretty uncomfortable. I know that it’s just a sneak preview of what there is to come. Last summer I was here I was MISERABLE. At least in Hawai’i, you can go to the beach or the pool. The “beaches” around here are not swimmable and freezing cold. Good thing I’m heading to Hawai’i later on this summer so I can go to the beach!

Okay, enough about the weather. Let’s chat about the real reason you are here. My weekly bujo spread!

It’s another Dutch door but are we really surprised? It is easier to set up a vertical Dutch door but honestly, I was looking at previous spreads and I saw my horizontal Dutch door and I like that one way more. I think next week I’m going to go with the horizontal.

So this week is a busy one. I have finals for two of my summer classes and I’m starting a brand new two summer classes! It’s a lot. I’m also still working full time and did I mention my little sister is here with us for the next couple of weeks? There’s a lot going on right now. But I have it all planned out in my bujo so everything is fine!

So I am hoping you also noticed that my weekly headers are in Portuguese! I am studying Portuguese a bit before our trip to Portugal. I really want to know at least the basics before we head there.

That little mini habit tracker I am tracking if I worked out that day and if I wrote for fun that day. My two lifestyle goals are fitness and writing so this is something I really want to focus on everyday.

I really hope you guys liked this weeks spread!

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