Lifestyle Upgrade

So I have a problem. Its more of a recurring issue really than a problem. The issue is that I like to run into things head first. If I don’t see results or have instant gratification then I stop. It’s the millennial in me.

If I want something, I want it now.

I’m trying to change that habit. This is why this post is called “lifestyle upgrade”. I’m not doing this for instant gratification, but I’m doing this so I can sustain a healthy and happy lifestyle. I want to live, I enjoy living, and I enjoy being happy.

So, I started on July 1, 2019. I didn’t realize I started it on the first day of July, but that definitely helps and is quite convenient!

I made it my goal to workout 5-6 times a week. What I used to do is kill myself at the gym, hurt for 2 days, and then not go again for another 2 weeks. This was unsustainable. I have been working out almost everyday since the 1st. I feel great! I want to work out more. Everyday I think to myself “I need to get this workout in!” But it’s NOT a chore. It’s fun! I feel amazing afterwards and I feel amazing throughout the week!

During my workouts I work out hard. I give it my all and I work up a good sweat. The key is, I don’t kill myself . I don’t over work myself. If I’m not having a good day, I want to workout. It helps just to get my body moving and it totally changes my perspective and my mood.

At the end of May, my boyfriend and I decided to kind of do our version of Keto. The reason why we did this is because we love pasta and pizza. We could, and have been, eating this every night. This did not make either of us feel good at all. We cut out eating bread and carbohydrates. Not everything, but almost all carbohydrates. We also didn’t eat candy, sugar, and other things that made us feel bad. We started eating a lot of fruit, vegetables, tofu, and a lot of veggie patties. The problem was, I was eating a lot. I would wake up at 7 and eat at 10. My last meal would be at 6 and I would go to bed at 9. I was eating 2-3 times a day. I didn’t feel like I had the energy to work, workout, and study.

So, I actually started eating more. Which is super weird for me. I’m eating quite a lot actually but I feel amazing. I feel less bloated, I feel strong, I feel like I have the energy to workout and stand on my feet for 8 hours at work and have the energy to do homework.

The main point of me doing all of this is so I can change my habits and my lifestyle slowly. I’m not looking for instant gratification this time. I am taking it slow, and I’m okay with that.

July 1, 2019 I weighed in at 150 pounds.

I am 5’4″.

My BMI is 25.74 and that is considered overweight.

I kind of want to make this a series where I write about my fitness journey and what I am eating and how I am actually changing my lifestyle. I think this will be an excellent way to document how I am feeling, how I am doing, and my actual numbers. I really want to find out what my body fat percentage is so I am going to figure out how to do that and update this.

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