Stick a Straw up Your Nose

I am sure you have all heard about the plastic issue our world is having. If you haven’t, please check out these beautifully written articles:

If you just want to see cool pictures, google “Great Pacific Garbage Patch”.

Basically, us humans are destroying our planet.

Plastic straws is just one of the many issues there are a surrounding plastic. The real rise of attention toward the plastic straw issue surfaced in 2015 when a video went viral of a turtle that had a plastic straw stuck up his nose and he couldn’t breathe. If you haven’t seen that video, please watch it if you can stomach it. It’s heartbreaking and heart wrenching to say the lease.

After this video, consumers started to pay attention.

According to National Geographic, over 500 million plastic straws are being used everyday, and 8.3 billion plastic straws pollute the world’s beaches.This is a photo I took on one of my walks at Magnuson Beach Park. I was strolling on the beach and there it was, a bright pink straw floating in the water. The sad thing was, I wasn’t surprised.

Many consumers that I have spoke to have an idea that because they don’t throw their straw directly into the ocean, their personal straw does not end up there. Or, the common mindset of “it’s just one straw”.

Since the plastic straw is so light, it finds its way into oceans. For example, say you throw your straw into a public trash can. Someone comes to take out the trash and the trash bag breaks spilling all of its contents. Your straw that you threw away doesn’t get picked up, and ends up in the drain traveling to the ocean.

That’s just one scenario.

Another problem with plastic straws is they can’t be recycled. They’re too lightweight to make it through the machinery that recycled materials.

If we all moved away from the thought that “it’s just one straw” to “it’s one straw, everyday, for every drink I consume” we can change the world and eliminate plastic straws.

Plastic straws are just the beginning. If you are obsessed with single use plastics, I dare you to not use single use plastics for one full week. Try it out and see how it feels.

If you need a straw because you have a disability or you have sensitive teeth or gums, I suggest ordering a reusable one made of metal or glass off of amazon. They’re super cute and they’re also amazing for the environment.

This is just the beginning.

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