How To Love Your Body

I am taking this class about body image as well as going through a change of health and lifestyle. I believe this benefits one another as I can reflect on my past and learn how I can better myself for the future. 

The definition of body image that I have learned through this course is the thoughts one has about their body and how those thoughts affect that person’s mood and ideas about themselves. 

From the beginning of this class our instructor asks us to reflect on how we feel about our body now, and how we used to feel about our body when we were children to adolescents, and now. 

Negative body image actually begins in children at the age 5. Some children don’t start that early, but research has shown that that is the common age that children begin to like and dislike certain parts of their body. 

In my journey, it started when I was around 9. I realized that I was bigger than the other girls. Both height and weight, I outsized most of my classmates. Even the boys. I didn’t really have any negative thoughts about my body though, it was more of a recognition point that I was not a small girl. 

Intermediate happened and wow that sucked. I am sure intermediate was awful for everyone, and it was really awful for me. I had so much of my baby fat and my body was changing so I had more fat on me as well. I played sports though, and I ran around a lot. I was still a big 13 year old. In intermediate, that is when I realized that I was overweight and I hated my body. 

High school came and all of a sudden all of my girl classmates were beautiful and skinny and I was still awkward and overweight. I wish I could say that all of my negative thoughts stemmed just from my own thoughts, but many of them came from other people. They came from my family, my coach, other soccer teams, and some of my peers at school. 

I don’t think people realize that those small comments you make really affect another person. Sometimes, it would be comments like “when I was your age, I was so skinny and I was X amount of pounds”. 

I find these comments unnecessary and hurtful. 

Then the world of Instagram began to take off. That was when I stopped eating dinner, I was playing soccer all year round and I finally lost my baby fat. When I look at the pictures from that time I was a good size for my bone structure. The crazy part was, I still thought I was fat. Other people still made comments about my body size. 

I don’t understand. 

Now that I am a full grown adult and I am not afraid to stand up for myself, whenever I hear a family member make a negative comment about my body, their body, or someone else’s body I put a stop to it. 

It is 2019. 

Big is beautiful. Small is beautiful. Medium is beautiful. If they are happy, let them be happy. If they are healthy, that is amazing. If they are unhealthy, it is none of your business (unless it’s your family member, but there are nice ways to go about helping them. If they do not want the help then let them go).

Do not make negative comments about yourself. I believe as a society we are so used to making negative comments about ourselves. I have come to notice thought, that those comments not only hurt you, but it hurts the person you are with. 

For example, I am with a beautiful girl who is skinnier than me. She says “ugh I am so ugly, I gained weight so now I am fat”. This indirectly hurts me as I am bigger than this girl. She must think that I am fat because I am bigger than her so I must be ugly. I am ugly and fat. 

This is a real reaction from me when I was younger. 

I know this is a reaction that other people have as well. 

If you are feeling insecure and you are around other people, do not nag on yourself. Maybe ask them for healthy food recipes or fun exercises you can do together. You can say that you aren’t feeling very healthy right now and you want to feel better. 

I have noticed that ever since I stopped picking at my imperfections I have felt better about myself, and other people around me have been feeling better about themselves.

Overall, I feel good about my appearance. 

There are moments when I don’t feel good but I snap right out of it. 

I have this wonderful body and I love it.

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