Power Thought Card

When I was seeing a mental health coach she had these power thought cards. It is a stack of cards with words of affirmation on them. My mental health coach told me to read a card a day (or more) to improve my overall mental health and mental state.

Today’s card states:

“I am in the process of positive change” -Louise Hay

“I am unfolding in fulfilling ways. Only good can come to me. I now express health, happiness, prosperity, and peace of mind” -Louise Hay

I am constantly changing and I am constantly growing as a person. I strive to be the best version of myself possible everyday. When I think of what I am changing now, I think about my health. Both mental and physical health. One year ago I was in a state of stress and panic which caused me to gain a lot of weight.

This year I am calm and collected. I do become panicked and stressed at times, but that is not my constant state of mind. I am happy.

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