August Intentions

It has taken me quite some time to figure out what my August intentions were because I want to have a why behind each intention and goal that I set. I have been journaling and I have been accepting new ideas and new intentions.

One of the biggest problems I have is that I like to stack my plate high because I want to be busy all the time and I have so many things that I want to do and what I want to learn about. This is not sustainable at all, and I actually won’t be able to be as productive as I want to be. I also will not produce or receive high quality content because I will only be partially paying attention to what I am learning.

So, now that I have narrowed down my list of intentions and goals they are:

  1. Finish up Summer B session and begin Fall A session.
    • Summer B session, I will finish strong with A’s in my classes. I will begin Fall A strong to finish my Senior year of college. May 2020 will be my graduation.
  2. Record, edit and post a video once a week.
    • It does not need to be perfect or anywhere near perfect. Practicing my recording, my editing and building my confidence to post on a public platform is part of the learning and growing process.
  3. Blog 3 times a week.
    • I do not have enough consistency that I want to see in my blog. I want there to be constant content being produce and I am not doing that at all.
    • I will grow my following this month and produce fun content.
  4. Read
    • I love reading, but I have fallen out of the habit of reading. It is time to do some reading this month.
  5. Meditate
    • I meditated on Monday and I had a realization during my meditation. I need to be more aware of my subconscious and how it is affecting my daily life.

These are my five intentions this month. I am happy and I am proud of myself for finding the why behind my intentions.

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