My Moon Sign

I think astrology is incredibly interesting. I believe that it tells me more about myself and it explains things in deeper detail so I can have a better understanding of myself.

I have decided that I want to do a series about my sun sign, my moon sign, and my ascending sign. I really want to do this so I can better understand myself and I can better understand what each of those means.

So, what is the moon sign?

The moon sign is the part of you that YOU SEE.

The moon sign signifies your personality, and is your instinctive behavior. The moon stands for your emotions, instincts, and your unconscious. Basically, your moon sign is the part of you that kind of irritates you. The one that you have conflict with, and the one that makes you do weird things which makes you ask yourself “why did I just do that?”. THAT’S YOUR MOON SIGN GIRL.

My moon sign is ARIES.

I had no idea what this means, so I did so research.

I bought this book as a reference to all of my astrological needs. It explains each sign in detail as well as the moon sign and the rising/ascending sign. This book has offered me a great deal of realization as I am coming to terms with myself and understanding myself better.

The bright side of an Aries moon is that we are energetic, enterprising, optimistic, open to change and idealistic.

The dark side of an Aries moon is that we are impulsive, opinionated, domineering, impatient, and vain.

I relate to most of these traits. I am energetic, enterprising, optimistic, impulsive, opinionated, domineering, and impatient. I believe I am optimistic and I try to keep my energy high because it is quite easy for me to sink low. I am definitely a bit bossy, opinionated and impulsive. I do things on impulse all the time which is one of my downfalls. I am also extremely impatient. I do not wait for anyone or anything. According to the book, it states that patience is not our long duit, and that we prefer to plunge right in and see what happens. This is extremely relatable.

I do not relate to being open to change, idealistic, and vain. I am not 100% open to change. I think this is where my sun sign comes into play which is being extremely indecisive. Sometimes I am open to change, but I am extremely terrified of the consequences.

One of the characteristics of having an Aries moon is that we are extremely fond of talking, and we have a good amount of knowledge stored so we are able to carry almost any conversation. However, we have short attention spans which makes us suffer in sustaining long meaningful conversations.

I think I really relate to my moon sign and I encourage you to look up yours. Maybe our is the same?


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