The Exonerated Five

Heavy topic here.

This weekend I have watched “When They See Us” on Netflix.

If you haven’t watched this four part series yet, I highly recommend you do so. This series is about the Jogger case, or better known as Central Park Five.

There were five teenage boys with a group of thirty boys in Central Park on April 19, 1989.

While they were in the park, there was a rape happening. If you don’t know, Central Park is huge.

Some of the thirty boys were creating trouble with some other people at the park.

However, these five boys did nothing.

The police came, they ran. Some of them got picked up, and some of them got brought into questioning.

That’s all I am going to say about this story because this is a series you need to watch. After you are done watching this series, you must watch their interview with Oprah. It is also on Netflix.

This is how this show affected me… I feel like trash.

I don’t know much about the justice system except it’s anything but full of justice.

I am a brown woman who grew up on an island full of brown people. I was never the minority.

I never feared for my life. I never feared that I was going to jail for a crime I did not commit.

These boys had their life stripped from them. Years of their lives wasted and torn away from them for a crime they did not commit.

They were labeled sex offenders. When they did not do any crime of that nature. They could not get proper jobs, their lives were ruined.

I will become more knowledgeable and more aware of the issues not only going on in this country, but going on around the world. There is no excuse for ignorance. I must continue to educate myself and fight for things that are right and are just.

This show also taught me that I am blessed.

I am blessed to have an opportunity to receive an education. I am blessed to have an opportunity to work. I am blessed that I am able to walk the streets a free woman because I was not falsely accused of a crime I did not commit.

Please watch this show. This is a conversation we all need to be having

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