Plastic Policies

What moves me is the global impact of helping the environment, and helping animals stay healthy and alive in this world.

I am from Hawai’i and beach cleanliness drives and motivates me to reduce my plastic and educate myself about the environment and plastic consumption.

For me, as well as many other Native Hawaiians, we have a sacred relationship with their land ― a cultural value known as aloha ʻāina, which translates to a love of the land or that which nourishes you (Herreira, 2018)

One person has the impact to affect another and the people around them. For example, Beyoncé has the impact to empower women across the world. Jason Momoa uses his influence to speak about the plastic problem. I affect the people around me. My boyfriend does his best to not use any plastic products like me. This is because I influenced him to stop. I am influencing my other friends and family by being an example for them.

The people that I have researched this week have in common is their passion to do more and to do better for the world.

Two companies that my beliefs align with are The Ocean Cleanup and Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii. Both of these companies support the reduction of plastic, as well as cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Herreria, C. 2018, June 1. Land, Loss And Love: The Toll of Westernization on Native Hawaiians. HuffPost. Retrieved From: (Links to an external site.)

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