Social Entrepreneur/ Social Enterprise

Lesson 5 Topic: Find a social entrepreneur or social enterprise that impresses you.

A social entrepreneur that impresses me is Blake Mycoskie.

Blake Mycoskie is the TOMS founder.

I have personally heard of this brand in high school, so approximately 8 years ago. TOMS is a social brand whose popularity spread quickly as Blake’s entire business is built around helping people in need.

This is a link that leads to the amazing things the TOM brand has done and continues to do for people around the world.

Blake founded TOMS in 2006. Blake visited Argentina where he learned that many children get sick or injured because they do not have shoes to wear. Blake wanted to make a difference and help these sick children. So, he created TOMS, a business that donates one pair of shoes to needy people for every pair that’s bought. So far, the company has donated more than a million pairs of shoes. In 2011, Blake realized that there is more that needs to be done. So, the company launched another initiative which aims to give away a pair of glasses or sight-saving surgery for every pair of sunglasses or glasses sold (Toms).

Blake’s work speaks to me as he created a company specifically to help other people. This company is what most companies should strive for, and it is something that I strive for. I would strive to create products that help the cause I am fighting for. Like Blake, I would also not stop at one product but continue to do more for the world.

Blake’s work applies to my currently identified problem as it is a company that is helping others. My problem is about plastic pollution and our oceans. Even though Blake’s company is not directly helping my problem, it is making sure that people’s basic needs are met. Once people’s basic needs are met, they will be able to have the mental capacity to learn about the plastic issues.


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