23 things I am grateful for

“The most beautiful way to start and end each day is with a grateful heart”

On September 27th I turned 23 years old. I have learned that one of the many things that keeps me happy and smiling everyday is being grateful. So to celebrate turning 23, I have decided to write 23 things that I am grateful for.

  1. My healthy and abled body
  2. Wilson, my best friend
  3. Daisy, my best fur friend
  4. My high school friends are still there for me after all these years.
  5. I have the right to vote
  6. The gym, a place to exercise my body
  7. I have an education, and I am able to continue my education
  8. Books
  9. Bullet Journaling
  10. The ability to make changes in my life
  11. Growing up in Hawai’i
  12. My family, for shaping me into who I am today
  13. Technology, I am able to connect with people everywhere
  14. Airplanes, I am able to travel
  15. My blog, I am able to write and express myself
  16. Stationary
  17. Coffee
  18. Makeup, to lift me up on my worst days
  19. My laptop, communication and education
  20. The opportunity to grow and learn everyday
  21. Paint and canvas to artistically express myself
  22. My apartment that I share with Wilson and Daisy
  23. Another year of opportunity, joy and happiness

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