My proposed prototype and idea is to create a blog and to have guest writers and interviews for my blog. Something that I have learned from writing this blog is that it actually cost me money.

I pay the $3 a month which means that I don’t get money because there are no advertisements on my page, but I have an easy and simple time navigating and editing my way through this blog.

So a question that I often find myself asking is “how can I make money to fund my blog?”. I know that if I make money, I could pay more money to wordpress, have ads run on my blog, and that is a form of income. But I need money first. One way I can generate money to run my blog is to create a Patreon account, or simply ask people to donate money to my cause via Instagram. I find that Patreon is successful because it is donations on a monthly basis. So some people can donate $1 a month to $20 a month.

There are many people who do what I am trying to do which helps me with the ins and outs of how to successfully promote my message.

I believe that I will have an easy time selling my proposal to others. There are many people doing what I am trying to do out there. They already have reduced their trash to nothing. They already are spreading their message to others. I believe one thing that I will have to do is be consistent with putting out content. The more content that is out there, the more that people will have to connect with.

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