From Vegetarian to Vegan

I was asked how I did it. How I transitioned from being a vegetarian to a vegan. Well, here is my story.

I moved to Seattle in June 2018. It was my first time away from my family in Hawai’i, and my first time living alone with my boyfriend. I realized that I will be cooking for myself and my boyfriend a lot so I am going to make the executive decision for both of us and we are going vegetarian!

Well after one grocery shopping trip I realized that only I will be going vegetarian. We set rules in place around food. If I am going to cook, I will be making vegetarian meals and I will not cook meat. If he wants to eat my food that is wonderful. If he wanted meat he would have to cook it himself. I think we have an awesome system going.

One year later (June 2019) I began thinking about veganism. I realized throughout the year that I definitely have stomach sensitivities to dairy. If I ate cheese the night before, the morning after was horrendous. My stomach would be in constant pain all the time. I then did a test, what if I stopped eating all dairy products? I felt the results almost immediately. My stomach stopped being in pain all the time. During this same time I started to follow animal and environmental activists on social media. I also started to follow animal sanctuaries ran by vegan women. I also started to unfollow people who hunted animals or posted dead animals. At this point, because I changed who I was following and what I was eating already, I started to think about being vegan. I knew it would be a lot of changing habits which I am quite uncomfortable with because I am lazy and change is scary. So, I just began to think about it.

Then, in September 2019 I watched Cowspiracy on Netflix. In the first 30 minutes of this movie I knew that I am going vegan. For the animals, and for the environment.

I highly suggest to everyone to watch this documentary. One of my best friends recommended this documentary to me. She still eats meat and is in no way a vegan, but now she is conscious about her decisions.

It’s been about a month since I made this transition and it is hard but thrilling at the same time. I feel amazing and I don’t ever want to go back.

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