About Me Pt. 2

This post is specifically for one of my classes (TEL 400). I was thinking about making a different website for my class, but I then decided against it. This class is helping me build my professional and personal website/portfolio as well as explore my professional goals. Below are 3 prompts that I must answer for this class.

WHO AM I: Who are you as you enter the course?  What are your professional goals? Who are you after the experience of this class?

I am Haunani. When people ask who am I, of course I always start with my name. My name is extremely important to me as it connects me with my mom and my ancestors. I am Native Hawaiian and I am proud to be Native Hawaiian. I am also a student, a daughter, a partner, and a dog mom.

My professional goals are to continue my learning throughout my life through various topics as well as spread knowledge of what I have learned. I not only want to spread my knowledge, but I also want to encourage others to continue their educational journey throughout their life. There are so many things that need to be learned and discussed in our world .

As I end this class I understand my passion for learning and for teaching. Honestly, school isn’t my favorite thing to participate in. But this is something that I have to do. However, I love learning. I find joy when I learn something new and I can talk about it with peers.

Here is a picture of me with my blue light glasses. These are the glasses that you’re supposed to use when looking at screens for long periods of time. Which I do since my entire educational career is online.

MY COMMUNITY: Describe/show us your community.  Give us a sense of place. What is beautiful about your community? What is perceived as a problem? 

In my opinion, I come from the most beautiful place in the world. The people are kind, the views are beautiful and the sense of community is strong.

These are my two beautiful sisters standing with the Kia’i (protectors) on Mauna Kea to protect this mountain from any more desecration and destruction. Thousands of people have gone to stand with our Kūpuna (ancestors). This is the type of community I am blessed to be a part of even though I am living over 2,000 miles away.

The problem that I have come across is the plastic crisis that my community is a part of. Our beautiful beaches are covered in trash and plastic.


I will make a positive impact on my community through environmental education. I will create an environment where people can learn and aspire to teach others about their passions including the environment and more.

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