Last Reflection

The first thing that I learned about myself is that I love giving gifts for my satisfaction. I love the satisfaction of a job well done and ensuring that the receiver of my gift is happy with the gift I gave them. Oddly enough, during this class and doing the extensive research on my community helped me realize that I am ready to move back to Hawai’i. During this class I took a trip home for 10 days as I attended a funeral and a birthday party. While I was home I realized that this is where I want to be. This helped me do more research because I am passionate about my community and where I am from. 

The design process impacted my thinking by learning how to dig deeper into my ideas. I think the design process was confusing at first but once I learned how it worked it was helpful. I also learned what is the most important thing to me and that is helping my island become healthier.

One thing that I learned, that I am extremely happy and supportive of is, Zero Waste O’ahu. Being in Seattle it is quite progressive and many people adopt the reducing waste motto. I know that on O’ahu that is not the case. However, because of this class I was able to stumble across what Zero Waste O’ahu is about. “At Zero Waste O‘ahu, we want to change the system. Currently, there is an opportunity to begin the process of removing unnecessary plastic waste from our world – Bill 40, a vehicle at the Honolulu City Council to get rid of a group of single-use plastics from our island including polystyrene foam, plastic bags (the rest of them), straws, utensils, stirring sticks, and potentially more with enough support” (Bill 40: A Guide to Civic Action in Honolulu, 2019). 

I am excited about what I have learned in this class and I am planning on expanding from this knowledge that I learned. Family is extremely important to me and my community is also important to me. This only drives my learning and my want to do more to help my community. 

Bill 40: A Guide to Civic Action in Honolulu. (2019). Zero Waste Oahu. Retrieved From:

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