Weekly Intentions

October 14-20 2019

This week is different than the usual week. Monday (14) and Tuesday(15) I do not have school as I have a “fall” break. However on Wednesday (16) I start my Fall B session. Then on Friday (18) I leave to go to Portugal! I am spending the entire 18th on airplanes or in airports. So based on all of these factors I have my weekly intentions.

  • Show up for myself

What this means is to continue the #Last90Days challenge and remember why I started. I deserve to live a happy and healthy life. Even though I am going on vacation, I still have to show up for myself this entire week. I am still following my 5 to Thrive which is waking up an hour earlier, working out for 30 minutes everyday, drinking half of my body weight or more, no beer, and practicing gratitude.

  • Learn

This means formally and informally. I want to soak in all the Portuguese culture has to offer me. My great great grandparents are from Portugal and I would like to learn as much as I can from my culture. I am so excited to learn!

  • Practice Gratitude and Kindness

Lately I have been complaining a lot. I have been practicing my gratitude in the morning but it seems to have stopped there. I am intentionally going to practice gratitude and kindness throughout my entire day. When I complain I pick at the negative the bad things that are going on which is not important. What is important are the good things and being kind to other people.

These are my 3 top intentions for the week! I hope everyone has an amazing week!

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