Wow, I am having a really hard time starting this blog post because I don’t know if I want to say something cheesy that is cringe worthy or to just start typing what I am doing without the cheese. So now this is my introduction haha.

I have decided to do blogmas! My blog has been very very stagnant and it is probably because of school and work. I do all of my school work online and I type and stare at my screen a lot. So, the last thing that I want to be doing is staring at my screen and typing more. However, I do love to journal and I do need to practice my English grammar.

My creativity is quite stagnant as well and I want to use this opportunity of the “blogmas” season to really dive into my creativity and the things that spark me joy. I love writing, and I love telling stories and sharing my experiences.

To jump start on this blog train I will be doing blogmas! I am nervous and scared at the criticism and the critique but I know that will only make me better. So here is to 25 uninterrupted days of posting a blog every single day.

If you are also stuck in a rut of some sort I encourage you to take the month of December to do something everyday that will help you in the future. Whether it is to work out everyday, draw everyday, sew everyday, or create something everyday, this is your time to start your journey and GET OUT OF THAT RUT! You got this! Let’s do this together.

25 days of blogs starting on December 1, 2019.

Let’s go. E hele kākou.

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