Health Update

First blog post for blogmas and it is all about my health! Mental and physical of course.

Let’s start with my mental health.

Overall, November was a roller coaster. I came back from my trip from Portugal and I was ready to get my body and mind right. November 1st I worked out I drank a lot of water and ate lots of vegetables. However, I did have a massive panic attack that day. The problem was that the exhaustion from that panic attack carried over to the next day. Then, on the 2nd I got my period. Am I the only person who hates doing anything on their period? I literally layed in bed and on the couch in sorrow throughout my period.

After my period though I was on track. I worked out everyday and I ate well, but I kept getting waves of depression, anger, and irritability. Everyone at work was irritating me and I just didn’t have the drive to really talk to anyone. I was slipping back into my depression and self hatred. I then had another panic attack toward the end of the month. This second panic attack I am not 100% sure what caused it. Maybe a mixture of vitamin D deficiency, the weather was depressing, and I was far away from my family and Thanksgiving was coming up.

Right now, as I am typing this I am quite anxious. I have to work today but I really don’t want to. I go through waves of liking and tolerating my job to absolutely despising it. I know I just have to stick it out until after graduation but I am having a tough time right now. This anxiety is kind of running my life and it’s quite exhausting.

Physical update.

On November 1st I weighed 152 lb. I am 5ft 4in. My BMI was 26.1 which meant that I am overweight. I know there are controversies about the BMI because if you have gained muscle, and lost fat then the number on the scale can be inaccurate. However, I am not very muscular and I wasn’t exercising consistently. So I believe that this BMI is accurate.

Today, December 1st I weigh 149.5 lb. So, I lost 2.5 lbs. My BMI is 25.7 which still means that I am overweight. My goal for this month is to weigh 145 lbs, so losing 4.5 lbs. I know I can do it, I just have to stay focused and remember what I am doing.

In November I had Wilson take away the scale so I wouldn’t weigh myself at all throughout the month. However, I didn’t find this that helpful. I don’t hate my weight and I don’t have negative feelings about the scale, so I think I am going to leave it out throughout the month of December.

I am going to continue working out everyday, I will work out through my period, and I will continue to not drink alcohol, and drink a lot of water. I will be utilizing my essential oils more to help with my mood and my energy.

Thank you for reading and hanging out with me throughout the month of December!

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