Consistency and Commitment

Day 4 of blogmas and it is all about consistency.

This year I didn’t start off with consistency as a goal of mine. I had normal resolutions like lose weight, be a better girlfriend, travel, pay off my debt and eat better. Today I realized that all of those goals have one thing in common. CONSISTENCY and COMMITMENT.

I was listening to the RISE podcast by Rachel Hollis and she had guest star Trent Shelton on her podcast (Links to their website are down below). Rachel Hollis ALWAYS inspires me, motivates me, and gets me out of my funk that I put myself in. Anyways, I was on the bus heading home from the gym when Trent said “you don’t have a consistency problem, you have a commitment problem”.

I had to pause my podcast and think about that. I don’t have a consistency problem, I have a commitment problem! I can’t lose weight because I haven’t committed to that goal. If I am committed to that goal, then I can be consistent in hitting the gym and making the right food choices. I can’t pay off my debt because I am not committed to that goal. Since I am not committed to that goal when people ask me to go shopping with them I say yes without blinking an eye. I go to my favorite stores and I blow money on things that I do not need. If I am committed to paying off my debt I will say no to that shopping outing because my goal of paying off my debt is more important to me.

So here’s the deal. We have to make our goals our priority. Which means we have to commit to them. If we can commit, then we will be consistent every single day to achieving that goal.

I feel like I just had the biggest breakthrough of the decade. I have to keep going. Keep being consistent, keep committing and re-committing to my goals. Just keep becoming the best version of myself possible everyday. I am committed to myself.

If you want to listen to this podcast too, it is episode 124: Starting the Decade Right with Trent Shelton (A HoCo Fireside Chat).

Thank you for reading and being a part of my blogmas journey!

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