November Recap

Blogmas day 5!!

I am recapping November so I can reflect on what I have learned and how that is going to help me this month, and all of 2020.

I document my life through pictures and recently, journaling.

So let’s start with pictures! As I am looking through my phone I have almost no pictures in November. This makes me understand 2 things. 1. I didn’t hang out with anyone or do anything fun and 2. I really focused on me in November.

These two pictures stood out to me the most and I believe it kind of reflects on how my November went. I did a lot of drawing and painting in November. One of my intentions were to create more in the month of November and I did!

Now moving on to flipping through my journal…

I was very tired and depressed during November. I think I know why… in October I went on one of the best trips of my life, to Portugal! I had so much fun. On that trip, I did a lot of reflecting and I don’t like the way I live my everyday life. I am unhealthy and ultimately unhappy. So I went into November with high standards and goals for myself. I think combination with the weather being gray every single day, it’s Thanksgiving and I’m not with my family, and I have to pay off all my debt I accrued while I was in Portugal, I was just not having it.

I think my consequences just caught up to me in November. I hardly worked out all year and now I was working out and I was extremely disappointed in myself. I don’t know how to handle my money and I am careless with it which is why I didn’t save for Portugal and why I now have this huge debt to pay off.

Overall, I think I was just disappointed in myself in November. However… now I am learning how to manage my money more wisely, and I am working out and moving my body everyday. I am getting stronger everyday and I just need to remind myself to be proud about that.

This month will be better than last month! Thank you for tuning in for another blogmas post!

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