How to Stay Motivated During the Holidays

Blogmas day 8 is all about motivation!

The holidays can be tricky because it’s supposed to be a time of love, joy, and giving. However, I know many times it just adds extra stress and extra pressure on people to buy gifts for others, to spend a lot of money, and to still work out, eat right, and accomplish the goals we set out for ourselves in the beginning of this year.

Also, there is Seasonal Affective Disorder which is also popularly known as Seasonal Depression that many people encounter as this year there is less sunlight, an abundant of darkness in the sky.

So how do we keep striving for our goals when we are bound to spend a lot of money, eat a lot of good food, and ultimately become unmotivated during this time?

I am going to share 5 tips on how I personally stay motivated this time of year.

1.Listen to motivational podcasts.

Whenever I fall into a slump and I don’t feel like working out and I don’t feel like cooking (but instead end up ordering an entire large pizza for myself), I listen to Rachel Hollis. I think I have talked about her before but she is a strong woman who is a motivational speaker, an author, and all around boss babe. She always tells it how it is and she honestly makes me feel like I can (and I will) run a 5k today and everyday. She makes me take a good look at my life and reminds me that I have a wonderful life and I will strive for my goals everyday.

2. Create a routine and stick to it.

This has seriously changed the game of how I view my day. I used to wake up around 8-9am, tackle one or two things on my to-do list, realize that I am running out of time to cook and workout so I end up eating unhealthy fast food, and not working out but yet I wondered why I couldn’t lose weight…

Now, I have a routine. I wake up at 6am, I make coffee, I journal and I plan out my day. By 7:30 I am working on my homework, or my to-do list. Then by 9am I am cooking my lunch and dinner for the day, or I am just piecing it together. Then by 10am I am working out. I usually work from 11:30am-8pm so this schedule works perfectly for me.

Ever since I created a routine and stuck to it, I am able to accomplish things that pertain to my goal even when I am not motivated. When I complete something on my to-do list, even if it small, it gives me a sense that I am accomplishing something which then begins to motivate me.

If you get bored from the same routine everyday, I suggest making small changes to it every month so your routine can stay interesting to you.

3. Move your body for at least 30 minutes everyday

This doesn’t mean do extreme HIIT workouts everyday for 30 minutes, but just going for a walk and doing some stretching. I noticed that when I am in a unmotivated funk just going into the gym where I can see other people working hard, I become motivated to have a great workout. Sometimes just going on a walk and talking helps get the blood flowing and the motivation fired up again.

I have been doing this for almost a month now and I can see a difference in my motivation. Of course I have days where I don’t want to get off of the couch but as soon as I start moving my body I want to keep going for at least 30 minutes.

4. Eat foods that will fuel your body

I’m not saying don’t have that pizza or that ramen… but majority of the week, we should be eating foods that will fuel our body and keep it moving. This means vegetables and fruits! My favorite way to make sure that I am getting lots of vegetables into my diet is I stir fry everything. I just mix everything into a pan, add some Shoyu, add some rice, and call it a day. These stir fried bowls have seriously changed the energy game for me.

This also means drinking a ton of water. Most of us are so lucky and blessed that we can walk into our house, turn on the tap, and drink the water. Most of us have a Starbucks near us that we can take our reusable water bottles in and ask them to fill it up with water for us. Most of us are so blessed that we have access to water so easily. Let’s make sure we are drinking that water to fuel our body, and keep us motivated.

5. Have grace with yourself

This is something that I am learning myself, but it’s okay to not be motivated everyday, 24/7. It’s okay. I find myself stressing out because I wasn’t motivated, and/or I had a pizza last night. It is okay, because this is a new day and this is a new moment to restart and do better.

Tearing yourself down because you are having a bad day, a bad week, etc. isn’t going to help you become more motivated. It probably will do the opposite. Recognize the choices you have made in the past, forgive yourself, and then restart this moment with a clean slate.

Motivation comes and goes but we must build habits to make sure we are still on track to achieving our goals even when that motivation runs out.

Thank you for tuning in to Blogmas!

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