Show up for yourself

Blogmas day 12!

This has been my motto for the past month or so. “Show up for yourself”. Whenever I feel like quitting or giving up I just tell myself now is the time to show up for myself.

I am so sick and tired of the lame excuses I give myself. “I’ll start tomorrow” “I’ll start next week” “I’ll start next month” “I’m busy right now”.

NO. I’m so sick of sabotaging my future and my future self.

We make promises to people with the intent on following through and sticking with them, but we don’t keep promises to ourselves that we make in the beginning of the year, the beginning of the week, even the beginning of the day.

To me, showing up for myself doesn’t make me a selfish person, it makes me a better person for my partner and my family. If I continue to work on and improve my health, I will help my family become healthier by inspiring them to work out and make the right choices.

This month I am showing up for myself by staying off of social media. I went on social media one day so far and honestly it’s been so great without it. I keep comparing my work in progress with other people’s grand finales. I need to take care of my mental health first before I can continue to share my life with others.

This month I am showing up for myself by exercising and moving my body for at least 30 minutes everyday. I used to think that because I Work on my feet all the time I don’t need to exercise that much… I WAS WRONG. I realized that once I started exercising to get that mental clarity and that endorphin rush… that I needed to exercise. I didn’t go to the gym and workout because I “had” to, or because “I hate my body”, I am now going to the gym and working out because I need to run, I need to lift weights, I need to workout my body because I deserve it. I deserve to keep that promise to myself. I deserve to show up for myself.

This month I am showing up for myself by following my dreams. I’ve always wanted to write a blog that people actually look at… AND I AM. Yes, many people don’t look at it but someone is. Someone cares about what I am writing about. I CARE. I care that I am writing and I am getting out of my comfort zone. I am showing up for myself because I am not holding back because my grammar isn’t perfect, and I have extreme anxiety about what other people think but… I am not letting that stop me anymore. I am showing up for myself.

What are your excuses for not showing up for yourself?

Thank you for tuning in to another raw blogmas post! I appreciate you all!

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