Gift Giving- Why I’m NOT Buying

Blogmas day 13! It’s the season of giving presents and spending a ton of money on people you love, and people you feel obligated to give gifts to.

This year, I am doing something different for the holidays, I am NOT buying presents for my family.

This is a choice that I thought long and hard about. Honestly, I love shopping. I love consuming things that I don’t really need with the money I don’t really have. I especially LOVE shopping for other people. Gift giving is my love language. I get a thrill from giving gifts and receiving them.

This year I was thinking, what is the best gift I have ever given someone, and why?

When I was around 11 or 12 I wrote my grandma a letter saying that I love and appreciate her. I also drew her a picture and made a little cute thing out of it. That was my favorite gift I have ever given someone because she looked at me and told me that she was feeling under appreciated and she felt like her grandkids weren’t giving her the love that she deserves. She LOVED that present and I loved making it and giving it to her.

With this story in mind, I thought to myself… my family doesn’t need any more crap that they probably won’t use or like.

I revisited the ideas behind the holiday’s and that is family and love. This is why I am making all of my Christmas presents with things I already have.

I rather spend my time on creating something special for them rather than spending my time in a mall or a Target looking for something that someone else mass produced.

I want to touch their hearts and make something that will let them know how much I love them.

Also, by making gifts, I am saving hundreds of dollars, saving the planet, and I get to be creative!

I highly recommend that if you haven’t done your holiday shopping yet that you too make your gifts.

Thank you for tuning in to another Blogmas!

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