2019 Recap

Blogmas day 15! I love doing recaps and reflections. Today I will be pulling out the bullet journal I started with this year, and I will be going through my intentions I had for 2019 in January. I will reflect whether I kept those promises to myself or not. Let’s get to it!

Alright, I seperated my 2019 goals into 5 sections. Fitness, Personal, Money, Relationship, and Travel.


My goals were to stay healthy (I think I meant consistency), to be 135-140 lbs, workout 5x a week, eat vegetables, have a exercise routine, I’ll be able to do 20 push-ups, and I will be vegan.

Well to stay healthy I would have to get healthy first… I don’t think I reached this goal at all.

My next goal is to be 135-140 lb. I am pretty sure this has been my goal for about 3 years now. 3rd year in a row that I did not reach this goal. Am I disappointed in myself? Absolutely. But I know for a fact that I will reach it in 2020.

Workout 5x a week. I’ve only reached this goal in November. I kind of started doing it in June and July but I wasn’t consistent. In November I worked out almost every single day. I decided that if I want to try and work out 5x a week, I need to try and workout everyday for a month. In December, I am still crushing this goal. I got here, and I am super proud of myself.

Eat vegetables… YES! Majority of my diet is of vegetables and that is what fuels my workouts. Am I 100% Vegan? No. I am working on it. I would say I am 80%.

Have an exercise routine… Kind of. I have this lose workout routine that I have in my head. In 2020 I think I am going to put more focus and attention into having a routine.

20 push-ups? No. BUT… I started the year at only being able to do 5, now I can do 11. PROGRESS PEOPLE.

For my Fitness goals, I will say overall I am proud of myself. It took me majority of the year to focus on my health but I finally did. I think in the beginning of the year I tried to do a “quick fix” which (obviously) didn’t work out. But, I made moves! I have learned that consistency is key, and I am going to continue my journey into 2020.


I didn’t have much personal goals, but they were read 52 books (one a week), have a daily schedule, be clean and tidy, and to start exploring careers.

52 books? This goal is laughable. I realized in January that I won’t be able to even come close to this goal. However, this did motivate me to read. This year I read 18 books. Definitely not 52, but it motivated me to read more.

Daily schedule? This is amazing. I finally made a schedule that works. I didn’t fall behind in school because of this schedule. If anything, I was ahead of all my assignments. I refined my schedule in November which helped me find the time everyday to exercise.

Clean and tidy? Marie Kondo? I have improved a lot this year. I stopped buying crap I didn’t need, I kept things that sparked joy, and I said thank you and let go of things that didn’t.

I finally started exploring careers in December and I think I know what I want to work toward next year!


There’s a lot of numbers that I am not going to share on here, but overall my goal was to have $0 in debt. Other than my baby school loan that I took out, I AM DEBT FREE.

I wanted to save money and I didn’t which was my fault and I am not proud of that. However, I have made a plan and I am going to stick with that plan.


The end of last year and the beginning of this year was rough for my relationship. I was lost and I was taking that out on Wilson. This year I made our relationship a priority and our relationship is stronger than ever. What really helped is that we had no drinking months. Our heads were clearer and we were able to care for ourselves and each other.


This was part of the reason why I don’t have any savings… I have traveled so much this year! I am not complaining at all, I’ve always wanted to travel as much as I did this year and I did! This year I went to Hawai’i 4 times, I went to Canada, California, Oregon, and to Portugal. I lived my best life this year. I definitely accomplished this goal.

I would say overall, I had a great year and even though I didn’t accomplish every goal 100%, I actually did a really good job. This year was the first year I followed through on majority of my goals. I didn’t really start accomplishing them until November, but I did… and that’s what matters.

I am so excited to start planning and creating my goals and intentions for 2020!

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