Blogmas Day 16!

Listen, I know I haven’t been blogging everyday consistently. But what I have been doing EVERY DAY is working out!

Now I know it is controversial to work out everyday, but when I say work out everyday I don’t mean I am running a 5k and strength training everyday… Sometimes I just get to the gym and do a light jog and some stretching.

However, somedays I go hard on strength training and sometimes I run like there is no tomorrow.

Balance people.

Anyways, I am still learning what to do in the gym. I watch a lot of Whitney Simmons ( I also learn from trying different things out.

The point is that I am going every single day. It’s kind of like the theme of Blogmas, showing up for myself.

So first, why am I working out everyday?

Well, some days I can’t do a full 100% workout. Either I am exhausted, or I just don’t have the time to spend an hour at the gym. I find that 3-4 days out of the week I am not doing a full blown workout. But I am moving my body and doing a little everyday.

The other 3-4 days though I am working out hard and giving it my all. If I have the energy and the time to have a great workout, I am going to take full advantage of that.

My word for 2019 was “focus”, and I have been focusing on moving my body everyday.

This is the best part. I SEE RESULTS.

So let me do some explaining. The scale and I have a love-hate relationship. I love keeping track of my weight and I love knowing how I am progressing or not. However, if I have a bad weight day it can spiral into something very negative.

So, I have Wilson hide the scale from me and then we agree on when he takes it out of hiding. This time, he hid the scale for 2 weeks. I haven’t weighed myself for 2 weeks… and I have been FEELING MYSELF. I see little indents in my arms, my clothes have been a little loser, and my back looks SO GOOD.

So I was a bit curious to see how much I weighed. I was nervous because if it was a high number I didn’t want to lose the feeling of me feeling good about myself… because I LOOKED GOOD! Well when I stepped on the scale… it reflected how I felt! From the beginning of November to now, I lost 6 pounds… 6 POUNDS.

The crazy part is that I wasn’t focused on losing weight fast. I was focused on going to the gym everyday and drinking water. I was focusing on the process and not the final result.

This is why I work out everyday. I feel great.

Thank you for hanging out with me during this inconsistent blogmas!

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