My Rising Sign

To finish of my astrology trilogy, I must write about my rising sign.

When I first started learning about astrology I thought my rising sign and my sun sign was the same thing.

It is in fact not.

Your Ascendant (or rising) is the sign that represents your outer personality, or your “image”. Your rising sign is usually your first impression that you make in people.

According to the book “The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need” by Joanna Woolfork, the rising sign’ is the sign of yourself. Your self-awareness, your self-sufficiency, your self-interest. 

My rising sign is Capricorn

Some fun facts that relate to being a Capricorn Ascendant is:

With strangers, I am quiet, reserved, but once I open up I am lively, friendly, warm, and expressive. 

Capricorn Ascendants have strong personalities, possess great willpower and determination, and diligently pursue my goals. 

It isn’t always easy to show feelings, though powerful feelings do exist. 

I love deeply, I am loyal and protective, and go out of my way to do kind deeds for others. 

However, I am often torn my jealousy and resentment, and deep down I never really forgive someone who does me and injury. 

This is the first time ever doing research into my rising sign and to say I find majority of the findings accurate and true to me.

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