Much needed update

I have not blogged in a whole entire month!

I became busy and overwhelmed with school and work that I just didn’t blog at all! Now that I have a grasp on things I think it is time for a little update.


I am actually doing great mentally! I am having these anxiety filled thoughts about things that didn’t happen yet, or things that already happened. However, I am aware of them and I am trying to shift those thoughts to other things or more positive thoughts. My dear friend ashwagandha has been a big help in calming my mind down and slowing my thoughts down.


It was Wilson’s birthday last week which meant that we ate a lot of great, hearty food. For a week and a half. This has definitely slowed me down on my goals but I honestly feel great. I am loving the way my body is starting to look, I am loving the way my clothes are starting to feel on me again, and I am falling in love with working out and just moving my body every day.


I still feel all the feels, but I am calmer. I take things with grace and more patience than I used to. I feel centered with myself more and I am more intune with my wants and needs.

Overall, I feel great. I am loving this person I am becoming and I hope to keep going in this direction.

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