Day 2

Hello and good evening!

Today is day 2 of The Quarantine Diaries.

My number one thing that I want to make sure that I do throughout these days is to continue to be productive. I want to continue to wake up early, do my routine, and continue on with my day as if I were still physically going to work.

Today I woke up at 6:30am which is awesome for a Sunday. I want to ensure that I continue to have at least 1 hour of alone time in the morning. This time is for myself to journal, drink coffee, and to overall just be still with me.

I will be doing a little makeup detox and a “spring cleaning” throughout this time as well. I did have to take a professional picture for my homework assignment today so I did wear makeup today, but literally starting tomorrow…. NO MAKEUP. I am really excited.

Today was about making plans and creating ideas of how I want this quarantine to go. I DON’T just want to sit around and play video games. I know that it is fun and relaxing, but it is not 100% well for my brain. I need to get moving physically and mentally.

Alright so a little recap of today. I did my morning journal and coffee this morning. I played a lot of Animal Crossing as well this morning. I did a lot of homework today. This week was stressful as it was my first week of my last quarter of college, and all of this was going on. I am very thankful that I had this entire weekend off because I really did focus in on my homework.

I gave Daisy a little trim today. Her hair was getting really long (which I like) but for the case of keeping her clean throughout this time, we thought it was best to give her a little trim. The picture on the left is her before and the one on the right is her after. Of course that isn’t really a good comparison picture but I promise…. her haircut is extremely crooked I am not a dog groomer at all and she doesn’t keep still.

Yes her haircut is really bad.

But it’s okay because no one will see it for 30 days…. except me.

I of course do what Starbucks Baristas do when they are giving a good length of time of no work… I painted my nails! I only have one color, and this was it!

Also in honor of Animal Crossing I also did a little painting of the Animal Crossing leaf, and the floating present. I am pretty proud of myself. I am not the best artist but I love to paint.

I ended the day with a nice bath and some reading.

Tomorrow I am setting up my week and creating a plan that will help me stay on top of my goals throughout this time. I am extremely excited for this upcoming week and what it has to offer me.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you all stay healthy and safe.


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