Day 5-Motivation is back baby


Today, was a much better day physically. I guess I really needed that rest yesterday. Something that I will start to work on is listening to my body and my bodyʻs needs. She needed a rest day yesterday.I was very reluctant to give it to her because I thought that I was just being lazy. But, I needed it.

This morning I woke up full of energy and ready to conquer the day.

I actually had an excellent at home workout this morning. I watched a YouTube video of a girl I never watched before and I loved it! I actually didnʻt get bored and I stuck it through the ENTIRE WORKOUT. There were only 2 moves that I had to modify to make it easier for me but I say that was a success!

I also finished my non-fiction book today! That book has taken me months to finish and I finally did! This is definitely a book I will come back and reference. There are pages that are highlighted, dog-eared, and ready to go. I am excited to start a new non-fiction book! I am almost done with my fiction coffee house mystery book Iʻm reading too!

I also crocheted A LOT today and my blanket is really coming along!

I cleaned the living room and my desk today and it feels SO MUCH BETTER. Tomorrow I am tackling the bedroom. This one is going to be tough because it includes the closet. Iʻm excited though. I love my bedroom, itʻs like my little room.

Overall, I would say this quarantine is going extremely well.

Iʻm learning a lot.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you are staying safe and healthy.

Lots of love, Haunani.


  1. I’m so happy reading this blog! The energy is contagious – i think decluttering and cleaning up always helps our minds to feel better. Glad that home quarantine is going well for you!


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