Day 6-Depression


Today, I had a case of the blues.

Iʻm not really sure what triggered it… actually I have a few ideas of what could have triggered it.

A lot of my events and plans that were supposed to happen in May are slowly cancelling. Something was cancelled last night and it really just broke my heart. Now that I donʻt have the distraction of going to work everyday and being around other people… I just wallowed in my feelings for about 9 hours today.

And on top of that… itʻs a very cloudy day today in Seattle.

Last week we had a ton of sunshine come through and it was wonderful. However, according to my weather app, it is supposed to be extremely cloudy all week. Which is not the best news ever.

But! I am done wallowing and I feel much better.

I was able to finish my fiction book “Dead to the Last Drop” by Cleo Coyle today. I really love this coffeehouse mystery series. Now, I am on to Becoming by Michelle Obama. I have had this book since it was first released and I am finally getting around to reading it. I am very excited to read and learn from this beautiful, powerful, intelligent woman.

You know whatʻs really great?

Having the ability to change the course of the day.

Like I said earlier, I was not in a good place this morning. I was having really bad and deep dark thoughts.

Now…. at 5:10 pm, I am having thoughts about my future and the light and the brightness of that future.

I am learning how to shift my mindset and itʻs really really really REALLY hard to do… but the outcome is amazing.

Overall, today took a turn for the better. I am excited what tomorrow brings!

Thank you all for reading!

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy.

With love, Haunani.

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