Day 7/8 What happened to 7?


When I am writing this it is day 8! I honestly have no idea what happened that caused me to not blog yesterday… I woke up this morning and realized that I did not.

Well, here is what I did on day 7 (Friday March 27).

I decided to go on a 30 day fitness journey. I not only “decided” but I wrote out a very detailed plan on my workouts and what I want to do each day. My goal throughout this journey is to not lose weight exactly, but to be stronger, and to have mental clarity.

Yesterday morning I did Day 1 of the 30 day yoga journey by Yoga with Adriene on Youtube. I realized that:

1. I suck at yoga

2. Some truths about how I feel about myself

It was a really interesting 40 minutes that I did not expect to happen. I journaled a bit about how I was feeling and I realized that I run away from my problems. I just keep myself extremely busy and deal with external problems that I never look inside and deal with my own internal problems.

I am still processing all of my thoughts and feelings but it is a lot. However, I think I am ready to explore this mental side that I have been hiding from.

I also found this woman on Youtube named Natacha Océane and I have been binge watching her videos. She does workouts, fitness, and she explains the scientific side of fitness and nutrition that I enjoy.

I also had virtual happy hour with 3 other of my coworkers yesterday which was fun! I didn’t realize I missed socializing so much until I did that.

Now on to day 8

These past couple of days have been extremely overcast which has been quite depressing, but I know the sun will begin to shine again.

(9:36pm) Reflecting back on today, I didn’t get much done, but I had a really awesome day.

I did my yoga workout today, and I did some upper body strength training. I wish I wasn’t so afraid to run outside by myself, or else I would. I could really use a good run right now but it’s scary out there. With coronavirus and no one is really out and about which makes it a little more terrifying in a way.

I cleaned the bedroom, tried to do a deep clean (my vacuum is terrible so I end up having to pick hair out of the carpet… it’s annoying), and I chatted with my mom and my sister for a little bit this evening.

My room really feels good right now and that’s such a good feeling.

I am ready to rest and have another great day tomorrow.

Thank you so much for reading!

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy!

Aloha, Haunani

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