Day 9/10/11

March 31 2020


It has been 3 days! Well, let me get you all caught up!

The reason I believe why I haven’t been writing is because I have been so engrossed in my learning. I have been studying ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi these past couple of days and I have been really really enjoying it. I am still trying to keep up with school, and of course my workouts. But I kind of forgot to blog!

I have been recording little bits and pieces of my day to make a vlog at the end of the week which I think would be fun!

Iʻm feeling a bit overwhelmed right now. The thought of going back to work actually saddens me. Well, going back to my teaching job actually excites me and I want to do that, but the thought of going back to my other job… does not bring me any joy.

I am supposed to go back to one job on April 20th, and I am just not ready and I donʻt feel safe at this moment. My manager tried to tell me that “no one from this store has gotten sick yet” to try and make e feel better….

No. That does not make me feel better. The numbers are going up by the hundreds daily here in Washington. So no. That does not make me feel better.


I am finding myself really missing the gym. I miss the treadmill, I miss the energy get when I enter a gym. I miss just having a good sweat sesh.

Today I did a little HIIT and I did my day 4 of yoga. Yoga pushes me to new mental limits that are very hard. I have some false truths in my head that I try to just push down or ignore. Yoga makes me face those truths and itʻs really hard. But, I am getting through it and I am doing the damn thing.

HIIT workouts…. I have a love/hate relationship with them. I love them because I am able to get a good sweat sesh in at a short amount of time. I hate them because I am not used to moving like that. Also, I have a bad wrist and some of the moves hurt my wrist.

I am probably going to write a seperate blog post on how I am learning ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi, and how far along I am after 1 week.

Nutrition and food wise: I am eating only 3 meals a day, and no snacking. I am still doing 14-15 hour fast, which I think helps my metabolism and it works for me. I also ate a big breakfast today and I think that helped me keep full for longer.

Today, was a good day.

This is my update for the past 3 days!

Thank you for sticking with me through this quarantine!

Mahalo, Haunani.

P.S. Am I the only one happy that March is over?

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