Day 12- March Recap

Aloha ʻAuinalā!

March… what a month.

I was watching this video today and it was a “What I Eat in a Day” video. I thought it was just going to be an overview of her day and what she ate throughout….

I didn’t realize that this video was posted in January.

And that this girl lived in Australia.

She started talking about the bush fires and I was thinking to myself “wow that’s so awesome that she’s using her platform to bring awareness to this issue”. But then, she played a video of this lady running to save a crying Koala because it was being burned. This lady is a hero. But, the video showed the Koala’s skin and them trying to save the Koala. I cried so hard. It’s just…. 2020 has been really hard. Animals dying, and animal cruelty is literally the reason why I am vegan. This is the reason why I care so much, it’s for the animals!

Anyways, I am sorry about that little tangent but damn it’s been rough.

These past couple of days have been good though. I have been moving my body and I feel pretty good about myself. I’ve been drinking all the water, and I have been studying and reading my butt off! I’m starting an ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi class tomorrow which Iʻm super excited about! Itʻs going to be once a week, and Iʻm just ready to learn as much as I can!

Mahalo for reading!

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy!

With aloha, Haunani.

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