Day 17- Left Alone With My Thoughts

Aloha Kakahiaka!

Today is April 6, 2020 and the 17th day of quarantine.

I think I have written about this before but I am a busy person. I keep myself extremely busy. I have a lot of goals that I want to accomplish which include saving money, graduating from college, and having a healthier lifestyle.

Now that Iʻm not working and I donʻt have access to the gym, I am just stuck with my thoughts and homework.

I literally have been beating myself up everyday if the scale doesnʻt say the number is going down. I have been eating the same amount as I usually do. But Iʻm not burning 800+ calories a day anymore. I know I shouldnʻt be beating myself up that I am gaining weight right now but my brain just has a meltdown.

My thoughts are so suffocating.

Also, Iʻm a planner. I like to plan things months in advance. Now…. I canʻt do any of that because everything is so uncertain.

So my yoga journey isnʻt going as planned because my wrist has been in so much pain. Iʻve been doing more HIIT workouts but I feel like I canʻt really get a 100% workout in especially with my upper body because of my wrist.

However, I had a really good workout today so Iʻm happy about that!

Itʻs 4:42pm right now and I just came back from a run. My body is so sore and tired. Ah tomorrow shall be my rest day because I am exhausted.

I do feel like I am back in the groove of things. Last week was tough, and I have tough moments throughout the day, but I do feel like I have a sense of motivation coming back to me.

I did some reading which is great. I thought I would be finished with my books by now but Iʻm not and itʻs okay. I have to remember to give myself some grace.

I finally made another presentation so I can teach Wilson what I learned these past couple of days and I can go over what I learned last week.

I am one of those people who seek instant gratification . Which is why I can never stick to a healthy lifestyle, a workout plan, money savings, etc. So language learning is hard for me.

This was a long one but I hope you guys enjoyed it!

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy!

Mahalo, Haunani.

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