Day 18 + 19- I got my hopes up


Day 19 of quarantine! I can’t believe it has been 19 days already.

I don’t know why, but yesterday I got my hopes up. I don’t know if it is because the sun was shining through my window yesterday (I live in Seattle, sun shining is RARE), or what but I got my hopes up.

This morning I checked the Coronavirus numbers and we had a really bad day yesterday.

I knew that this week was supposed to be a rough week but… I got my hopes up.

So today I am coming down from those high hopes.

Somethings that have been helping me stay positive is: showering, reading, cleaning and painting.


Yes showering. Taking a long shower. Washing AND brushing my hair. I don’t know if it is the sensation of “washing away” the virus and my problems but I always walk out of the shower feeling better.

Of course reading takes me to another place. I am reading a story that isn’t mine. I am being mentally transported somewhere else where there isn’t a mass pandemic going on.

Yes…. cleaning. The feeling of a clean bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc. is a different feeling. The act of doing it is so satisfying and once it’s done and everything is organized… it’s wonderful. It’s refreshing.

I think everyone should paint. Painting is so calming and relaxing.

I’m editing a vlog from the past 2 weeks but I have been procrastinating hard on my homework, so even though an assignment should only take me 1 hour to do, I have been doing it in 5 hours.

I haven’t been very wise with my time these past couple of days but I will make that change starting now.

I’m excited to put up my new vlog and just continue to be creative.

Thank you so much for reading and being with me through this time. I really appreciate it.

I hope you all are safe and healthy.

Mahalo, Haunani.

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