Day 24

Aloha ʻAuinalā!

Today is April 13th and it is the 24th day of quarantine!

I feel like I had an overall rough week last week. I was super obsessed with the fact that I was gaining weight, which made me overall unproductive because I was too busy being obsessed with gaining weight.

It was challenging trying to get out of that mindset.

But I think I am coming out from that and Iʻm feeling better.

I took a couple of days off a forcing myself to write a blog post because why not? My first priority is my mental health. Always.

Iʻm falling deeper into ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi and I am having so much fun. Iʻm thinking of writing some blog posts in ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi just so I have the practice. Thereʻs really no harm in trying and just trying to sharpen my skills. Iʻm still a beginner so most of my sentences are going to be “Iʻm writing”, “It is sunny today”, “Daisy is a dog”. But I am excited!

Thereʻs only 22 more days of my last semester of my undergraduate degree.

I canʻt believe it.

To me, I feel sad because I am not going to be having a big celebration as I hoped, but it still is an accomplishment that I am so proud of.

I have been doing the at home workouts and Iʻve been going on runs. I really think this has boosted my mood a lot.

Thank you for anyone who is reading, I hope you guys are staying sane and safe throughout this time.

Thank you so much



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