Day 38-Building Habits


I’m having a really good day today.

First of all, I made the decision to wake up early today. As I said in yesterday’s post, I am trying to get myself back into the habit of waking up around 5-5:30 am again. I start work again next week and I just want to go in with the habits I had before quarantine started.

So, I woke up early, I wrote in my journal, had some coffee, and I planned. I actually did not work out this morning because I am going on a run this afternoon with my other half. Usually, when I wake up early I will work out but today is just a little different.

I think I mentioned this before, but I started reading Atomic Habits by James Clear. I have heard so many good things about this book and I’m only 10 pages in and it is incredible. I will come back with a review of it but right now, I am loving it.

“You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”-James Clear

I also did a lot of planning. It’s exciting to plan because I can’t plan a lot right now because of our dear friend Covid-19. As I have mentioned many many many many times… I am graduating! Which means this is the perfect opportunity to make a switch in my life. Of course, right now isn’t the perfect time to make a switch, however I am making small tiny baby changes that will help me make decisions when there are options.

I haven’t made a decision yet so I don’t really want to say what I am planning for, but I am excited!

I have so many opportunities and options in front of me. I am extremely excited and a little overwhelmed. I have a really good feeling about the rest of this week.

I also washed my sheets today. It was quite overdue… I am not going to lie, but it feels so good now! I am planning on deep cleaning the entire apartment this week so I can start next week fresh!

Today I am happy and I am going to capitalize on that.

As always, thank you so much for reading. I hope you are all healthy and safe!



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