Not Going Back to Normal


I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

Honestly, nothing much has changed since last week’s update. I had a very unmotivating week last week. I didn’t want to workout, I didn’t want to study Hawaiian, I didn’t want to read, and I definitely didn’t want to eat healthy.

Literally all week.

I have so many excuses as to why, but they all don’t matter.

Today I am making the decision to finish May strong.

May 2020 has been an extremely eventful month. I graduated college, and my little sister graduated high school.

Even though I wasn’t able to go to Arizona to celebrate me, and I wasn’t able to go to Hawai’i to celebrate my sister, I think we both were happy and content with our virtual celebrations.

There are some big waves happening in my life that I am excited about but nothing is quite set in stone yet. I want to share the news but I know I shouldn’t just yet.

As I am working with the public, it is very interesting the new “normal” right now.

I often wonder if in a year or two am I going to look back and laugh at this time we are going through right now? Or, will this still be a new normal in a couple of years?

To think in January, I had many goals and many things that I wanted to accomplish this year (I have accomplished many of them, however many things I won’t be able to do).

Now, what I want more than ever is the peace of mind that I am able to travel home to see my family and not worry about accidentally giving them this virus.

All I want to do is hug people, go to a concert, and eat a restaurant without fear of contracting the virus or giving it to someone else.

Overall, it wasn’t the best week last week. This week will be better.

Affirmation of the week:

” I only give out that which I wish to receive in return. My love and acceptance of others is mirrored to me in every moment” -Louise Hay

Thank you all for reading!


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