Language Learning

I have changed a bit.

A year ago I would have thought that I am too old to start learning a language.

Now, I want to start learning multiple languages.

My goal is to be a polyglot.

What the heck is a polyglot?

A polyglot is someone who knows multiple languages.

Right now, if you have been keeping up with me, I am learning ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi. This is the language of my culture and my ancestors so it is important to me to keep this culture alive and thriving.

I think a part of me believes that I have to only learn Hawaiian because it is my responsibility.

However, I donʻt only want to learn Hawaiian.

I want to be able to travel and communicate with a diverse crowd of people.

Learning Hawaiian is difficult for me because I am learning all online, and I donʻt know many native speakers.

The next language I want to learn is Korean.

Yes, Korean.

I think it is such an interesting language. I personally donʻt know anyone who speaks Korean, but one day I would like to go to Korea and spend some time there.

Those are the two main languages I am focusing on.

I think I may make a page on my blog with the online resources I use so I have a quick reference to them and other people who are interested in language learning has that reference as well.

The next languages I would love to learn are Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese.

There is a heavy Japanese influence in Hawaiʻi and I would love to be able to communicate with others.

Also, I am definitely revisiting Japan one day.

Spanish, because it is so widely spoken. I often get mixed up with someone who speaks Spanish and people ask me questions in Spanish quite often. I would like to at least learn so I can communicate with them!

These are a lot of languages and a huge goal especially because I only speak English.

I donʻt think it is too late to learn a language, and personally, language learning is a lifelong journey.

I am still learning new English words everyday.

Iʻm excited to share and continue my language journey!

Mahalo for reading!

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