Why I Haven’t Been Blogging


Long time no write!

As you can tell from the title, this is a bit of a recap of my life this month and just an explanation of why I haven’t been blogging recently.

So first things first we are in a global pandemic.

Second, I am back at work full-time and getting back into the swing of things.

Third, there is a giant movement called Black Lives Matter that I am passionate about and I am continuously learning more everyday.

Fourth, I am moving at the beginning of August!

Yes, lots and lots of things.

Let’s go into more detail.

  1. Global pandemic aka Coronavirus aka Covid-19. This virus has been flipping everyone’s life upside down including my own.

I am still doing my part, washing my hands, sanitizing everything, wearing a face mask, social distancing, etc.

Some days I am really down and sad about how 2020 is turning out.

Other days I am able to see the silver linings and I just do my best with what I got.

2. Back at work full-time. I am not only back at one of my jobs, I am also back at both of my jobs. Which means, I am working over 40 hours a week.

I am just trying to get used to working and moving my body like that again.

Both of my jobs require me to be on my feet so I am just trying to get used to that.

3. Black Lives Matter.

Today, yesterday, tomorrow, everyday.

I am continuously educating myself and trying to do my part to spread awareness and help the cause.

It’s emotionally taxing at times and I am trying my best to do my part.

4. I am moving!!

Big news!

I just wanted to shake my 2020 life up even more.

I will still be in Washington, I will just be somewhere else!

Which means, I am applying to jobs and trying to transfer jobs. Which are both extremely difficult during a pandemic.

Those are the 4 main reasons why I haven’t been blogging.

I am trying to organize my life as much as I can right now.

I will blog more, and I am excited to see where July will take us!

Can you believe June is almost over?

Mahalo for reading!


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