Morning Pages

I actually started this post exactly a year ago and I never finished it.

Morning pages is something that I do every morning.

I make me a cup of coffee, I sit down on my second hand desk and I write.

This idea comes from the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

I have personally never read the book, but I have watched many videos of different people talking about this concept.

Julia Cameron has an exercise where you are supposed to write 3 pages non-stop first thing in the morning.

What I do is I write 1 page of whatever I want. Sometimes I stop, but most mornings I keep going.

For me, this helps me release all of the thoughts and feelings I keep in my brain.

I’m an empath, so I have a lot of emotions.

I have been writing my morning pages for about a year solid.


It is so ingrained into my routine that I feel weird if I don’t write everyday.

I don’t write the same things everyday.

For example, somedays I write about the day before, goals for the day, my feelings about a particular something, my dream I had the night before, my job, etc.

Some days I just write “I’m tired and I’m not thinking of anything right now”. That action triggers something and I almost always find something to write about.

Something that also helps me is writing prompts.

I don’t use them often, but when I do, it always sparks a long writing session.

I recommend going on Pinterest and looking up “writing prompts”. There are a ton on there.

I don’t have the bess grammar, and at times I have a difficult time expressing how I am feeling.

Writing every morning helps both of those things.

I have been doing this for over a year and I hope this inspires you to open up a journal and begin your writing!

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