July 15th 2020

Aloha! Long time no write.

First things first, Black Lives Matter.

Wash your hands and wear your face masks.

Thank you!

Okay so I’ve been busy.

I thought after I graduated I would have all this free time, I would be less stressed and I would be able to create as much as I want.

Right now, that is not the case.

I’m still working my 2 jobs, 6 days a week.

However, on July 27th I’m going to have 2 weeks off because I’m moving!!

I’m moving to a different part of Washington where I believe I will have a better quality of everyday life.

I will only be working 1 job for a while, and I have renewed focus and intentions.

I have not been learning languages for over 2 weeks. It’s really sad, and I kind of feel like it’s like exercising. Once you stop, it is hard to start again.

It’s easy to fall into the habit of not doing the thing you want to do.

I really do feel like there is so much that I want to do, but I feel like I don’t have the time to do them all!

I know I can, I just have to prioritize and practice my time management.

Something sad that I noticed is that after I am on my laptop for a long period of time, my wrist becomes extremely sore which then inhibits me to practice and do anything else.

Anyways, this update is short because there are so many things I have to do.

I will write soon.

Thank you for reading and sticking around!

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