July 25 2020


The sun is setting and the golden hour is fading.

I didnʻt realize how late it is.

I am trying to pack as much as I can, as we are officially moving in one week!

I love this apartment.

This is the place where we have established our family.

I am so grateful and so happy for this space.

I am so excited for our new space!

I am trying to document and film as much as the moving process as I can just for fun.

Itʻll be nice to have a video to look back on the entire process documented so one day we can look back at it and think of how far we have come.

I am trying to vlog more, and just trying to have more content.

I just wanted to write.

Maybe it is the allergy pills I took today that is making me inspired to write.

All of this might be nonsense.

Oh well.

I am happy.

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