The Trouble With Hating You- A Book Review!

Hello! This is my first ever official book review!

I have been on a very big kick of reading and I just thought since I am reading so much, I should review the books I’m reading.

I just finished “The Trouble With Hating You” By Sajni Patel.

I devoured this book in 2 days.

A little about the book…

We are following two main characters Liya and Jay.

I love a dual point of view in a book because you can really grasp what the other character is thinking and feeling.

Anyway, Liya is a strong independent woman who literally doesn’t need a man.

However, her parents tried to set her up with Jay.

Liya is not into him AT ALL, but they keep running into each other. Especially in Liya’s workplace.

Both Liya and Jay have a lot of baggage that they don’t want to share with each other.

There is so much culture that is brought into this story which makes it so much more interesting.

This book also made me feel so many different emotions, and I applaud books that can make me feel like that.

I give The Trouble With Hating you 5/5 stars.

Highly recommend!

We all need a really good book that we can sink our teeth it and help us forget about all of the challenges 2020 has supplied us.

Sanji Patel have more books coming out this year and I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

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